Jannus, Inc.


Jannus, Inc., is a diverse health and human services organization that changes lives every day. It engages compassionate people offering strong programs that help ease individuals and families through difficult challenges or new transitions in areas of community health, public policy and economic opportunity.

The new name, Jannus, Inc. was inspired by Janus, the Roman god of beginnings, transitions and economic opportunity. The Roman god often symbolizes transitions from the past to the future, from one condition to another, and young people’s growth to adulthood. The Roman mythology was a good match for the meaningful work Jannus, Inc. does in areas of community health, public policy and economic opportunity.


  • 3,000 children enrolled since 1995 in Early Head Start in North Idaho
  • 300 Micro loans valued at over $1,362,174 granted
  • 384 peer support specialists trained
  • $18.5 million distributed for nutritious meals for kids in childcare
  • 103 homes purchased by refugees with matching fund assistance
  • 7237 homeless people connected to health and social services
  • 11,950 crisis calls taken by trained staff and volunteers
  • 12,300 refugees welcomed to Idaho since 1997
  • $120 million preserved in state budget funds for education and local services
  • 605 businesses started, creating 803 jobs
  • 1,062,000 hours donated by Foster Grandparents since 1998
  • 300 refugee families provided with community garden space
  • 82 nonprofit organizations served by senior volunteers annually
  • 542 women entrepreneurs trained in business management
  • 2,000 family caregivers supported with $1 million in volunteer hours