The Board of Directors and Corporate Officers of Jannus, Inc. are committed to a high degree of accountability and transparency in financial management. This is accomplished by establishing and maintaining strong internal controls, hiring qualified staff, completing an annual audit, filing annual IRS Form 990 and maintaining its 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. Please contact us at to request any additional information.

File TypeFile Name
PDFIRS Determination Letter The Internal Revenue Service letter determining the exempt status of Jannus, Inc.
PDFIndirect Rate Agreement 03 03 2016 Indirect rate agreement between Jannus, Inc. and the Department of Health & Human Services that supports the claim for indirect costs on grants and contracts.

PDFAnnual Audit Report 2015 Financial Statements of Jannus, Inc.
PDFAnnual Audit Report 2014 Financial Statements of Jannus, Inc.
PDFAnnual Audit Report 2013 Financial Statements of Jannus Inc

Form 990 is the annual tax return for organizations exempt from income tax. This form is used by the IRS to access the non-profit organization for its compliance with tax laws. Information in the form includes a summary of the organization's activities, assets, receipts, expenditures and compensation of directors, officers and certain staff.
PDF 2014-2015 Form 990
PDF2013-2014 Form 990
PDF2012-2013 Form 990