Idaho Peer Specialist Program

Program Contact:

Bobbi Matkin, Project Director
1607 W. Jefferson Street
Boise, ID 83702

PHONE: 208-336-5533 x340
FAX: 208-336-0880


The Unique Role of Peer Specialists

Peer Specialists are individuals who have experienced mental illness firsthand and have unique insight to support the recovery of others.  Idaho is one of many states that have recognized the value of incorporating Peer Specialists into their behavioral health services staff.

Peer Specialists promote recovery by offering hope and encouragement, and emphasizing self-direction and empowerment.  For persons living with a mental illness, recovery is an individual experience and encompasses all aspects of one’s life.  The recovery journey involves building self-esteem and purpose, making one’s own choices, forming connections with others, and living a satisfying and meaningful life.  Peer Specialists walk this journey with those they serve.


Peer Specialist Training

We’d like to thank you for your interest in the Peer Specialist Training and patience throughout your existing or future application process.  Please note that the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare will be reissuing a Request for Proposal for the Peer Specialist Training.  We will respond to this request when it becomes available, but until this contract is awarded, 2015 Peer Specialist Trainings cannot be scheduled.  If you have applied to the training, you will be informed via email when training dates are scheduled, and it’s important that you keep your current email address up to date with us and check your email regularly.  If you haven’t yet applied and would like to be informed about future training dates, please let Jess Wojcik know at

If you have applied to the training, your application is still current and will be held until training dates are scheduled.  The Peer Specialist Training is filled based on a selection process as we have a greater number of applicants than the number of training spots available per training, and the applicant selection process will begin when training dates are set.  Please see the “What to Expect” link to review the selection process.

We are not accepting new Peer Specialist Training applications at this time.  If you or an interested party you know hasn’t yet applied and would like to be informed about future training dates, please let Jess Wojcik know at

Thank you again for your continued patience during this process and feel free to let Jess know if you have questions.  We’ll be in touch!

What to Expect When You Apply to the Peer Specialist Training

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