Gina Finley

Gina Finley is currently a business strategy project manager at HP, Inc., where she is part of the HP Multi-cultural Impact Network, serves as a mentor in the HP Women’s Impact Network, and an ally to the HP LGBTQ PRIDE Business Impact Network. Gina brings 15 years of valuable experience spanning program development, business analysis, planning, competitive intelligence and strategy, marketing, entrepreneurship, and career coaching. Her experience includes various industries including high-tech (HP, Inc.), financial services (Wells Fargo Bank), non-profit (Global Talent), and small business ownership.

Gina earned her MBA from the University of Montana. Her bachelor’s degree is in Marketing from Montana State University-Billings where she was actively involved in American Indian Business Leaders (AIBL) and awarded National Student Leader of the Year.

She is originally from the Flathead Indian Reservation in Western Montana and a member of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Indian Tribes. Because of her Native roots, she has a first-hand understanding of the challenges of navigating and ‘walking’ in two different cultures simultaneously – Indigenous culture of collectivism, cooperation and reciprocity and the mainstream dominate U.S. culture of individualism and competition. She has been successful with maintaining her own Native American identity while understanding mainstream U.S. business environments to bring different perspectives together to achieve success, be strategic in negotiations, and help others reach their own potential.

Gina is a firm advocate for diversity, inclusion and equity. She believes that no matter your skin color, nationality, ethnicity, cultural background, language, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or socio-economic status, every single human has tremendous talent, skills, and capabilities that are valuable to communities, organizations and employers. For this reason, from 2015-2018, Gina also helped lead the start-up, development and operations of Global Talent Idaho, a program of Jannus, that supports highly skilled immigrants and refugees through their journeys of career reclamation in the U.S.