Moses Mukengezi

Moses Mukengezi is currently a retail broker at TOK commercial. In his position as a commercial real estate advisor, Moses enjoys the opportunity to network and make personal connections throughout the Treasure Valley. After receiving his Bachelor’s in Sociology from Boise State University in 2017, he started his career in refugee resettlement with the Agency of New Americans where he acted as the employment and donations specialist. Working for refugee resettlement was a full circle moment as he himself had come to Boise as a refugee in 2007 from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Moses has a passion as well as experience in working with the Boise community, especially the refugee community.

Moses has vast experience in translating and has enjoyed working with many different companies and agencies using this skill. Moses furthered his career in public service with the Idaho Youth Ranch working with homeless youth in Boise. He was then given the opportunity to develop the Gemini Project, a men’s mentoring program for former refugees ages 19-25, at Economic Opportunity. Before taking the position at TOK in the fall of 2022, Moses served as a Residential Manager and School Counselor at Cherry Gulch for two years, a therapeutic boarding school. It is through his varied employment experiences that Moses has found a passion for helping youth and unrepresented populations, as well as, making lasting connections to the Boise Community.

When Moses arrived to Boise, it was through soccer that Moses made a connection to the community. After playing high school, club, and college soccer, Moses further broadened his passion for soccer by taking up coaching. Moses started his 12 years of coaching with the Boys and Girls Club through Idaho Rush Soccer. For the past seven years, he has enjoyed coaching for Nations United Soccer, a non-profit that provides refugees between the ages of 9-19 years old with the opportunity to play organized soccer. Nations United Soccer continues to allow Moses to develop connections to the community through soccer that he was provided when he arrived.

Moses loves to spend time playing soccer, floating the river, and going on adventures with his wife and two kids. Moses has had the good fortune to learn eight different languages, and he readily takes advantage of opportunities to speak each one of them, though he is especially fond of French. Moses loves to explore and learn about the Treasure Valley, Idaho, and America while keeping a global mindset.