Connection provides sincere support

As a Vietnam Vet, I decided to become a member of Legacy Corps, serving veterans of all ages. For the last two years, I have gotten to know Jim and Vikki. They moved to Idaho after losing everything in the 2018 Paradise fire. Jim, a veteran of the Korean war, suffered from dementia and Vikki, his loving wife was his full-time caregiver. I was there to give Vikki a break and bring some joy to Jim. Vikki shared, “Thank you, Legacy Corps, for all you do to help families like mine during difficult times. You sent us Webb, a unique individual with a big, beautiful heart. I didn’t know how much we needed him. He took my husband fishing, took him to lunch and an occasional dinner. Being a caregiver doesn’t allow time for a social life. Because of Webb, I was able to be social again. My heart is full of gratitude for all that Webb offered to me and my husband.”I helped them through hard days, even Jim’s final day. That day, I was present as well as his family. I placed the flag over Jim, as he left his home for the last time. I was humbled and honored to have served this family.