Making a difference every day

It was a snowy evening, around midnight and the phones were ringing intermittently at the Hotline. When I answered my phone, the woman’s voice on the line was shaky and tentative. Offering assurances, I let her know that we are here for her and care about her safety and well-being. As I listened to her struggles with depression and thoughts of suicide I started to understand what she was going through. She saw suicide as the only option and feared being a burden to her loved ones. As she spoke, I supported her in exploring her personal strengths and resiliency she’s demonstrated in other challenging situations. From there, I conducted a safety assessment to make sure she was not in danger. Like many people who call the Hotline, she was hesitant to reach out and concerned about taking time away from someone who may be “worse off than me.”By the end of the call, the help seeker was able to create a plan to keep herself safe and she agreed to receive a follow-up call. When the Hotline connected with her the next evening she was feeling much better and sounded calmer and relieved. She’d gotten good rest, connected with a supportive friend and spent some time at a park with her young children. As we said goodbye, she said “Thank you so much for being there for me, you saved my life.”